Jacksonville man says he was attacked by neighbor's dogs

David Stewart injured after he says 2 dogs ran at him, his wife in Mixon Town

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville man continued to recover Thursday after he said he was attacked by his neighbor's dogs on Crystal Street in the Mixon Town area.

"I knew I was in trouble because I had two dogs and just one fist," David Stewart told News4Jax. "They were after blood. It seemed like they would not keep stopping. They just kept going and going and going."

Stewart said he and his wife were walking down the sidewalk Monday night when their neighbor's two dogs ran at them from across the street and began to attack.

"I told my wife to back up, I got this this," Stewart recounted.

According to Stewart, a dog with black and white fur was one of the animals that attacked. He said he pickup a stick and hit one of the dogs, but the stick broke in half. That's when he said he had to use his fist. 

"As I came to punch the gray dog, the black and white dog was already on me. I couldn’t stop him. He growled and wrapped my arm. Then as I punched the gray dog again, he got my arm," Stewart said.

Stewart said the attack lasted for five minutes until the dogs eventually ran back home. Stewart said he was left with injuries to his leg and his arm. He said not only did the injuries require medical attention, but his leg injury became infected and now requires antibiotics.

On Thursday, News4Jax tried to speak with the owner of the dogs, who said the dog with black and white fur likes to jump the fence, but he declined to talk on camera.

While trying to speak with the owner of the dogs, News4Jax noticed a school bus stop close to his home.

"I'm 6 feet, 3 inches, 260 pounds. I'm big," Stewart said. "If it's a 9- or 10-year-old kid..."

Stewart said despite what happened, he has no ill-will against his neighbor, he’s only asking that his neighbor do a better job of restraining his animals before another person is injured. 

News4Jax was told one of the dogs was still in the yard as of Thursday and the other dog was removed by animal control.

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