Video footage reveals arrest of teen who admitted to killing grandmother

Sentencing underway for Logan Mott, 17, charged with 2nd-degree murder

Sentencing underway for Logan Mott, 17, charged with 2nd-degree murder.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 17-year-old who admitted to killing his grandmother nearly two years ago appeared Wednesday in front of a Duval County judge for the first day of his sentencing hearing.

Logan Mott was 15 years old when he was charged with second-degree murder in the November 2017 death of his grandmother, Kristina French. She was found buried in a shallow grave in her son's yard Nov. 24, the same day Mott was stopped at the Canadian border driving French's car with an arsenal of guns and a bloody knife.

News4Jax on Wednesday obtained the police video footage showing Mott's arrest.

Border Patrol Officer: How you doing man?

Mott: I took a wrong turn

Border Patrol Officer:  Can I get your ID?

Mott: What?

Border Patrol Officer: Can I get your ID?

Mott: I left it in the hotel that's why I'm trying to go back.

FULL RAW: Video from Logan Mott's arrest

Mott is heard telling the officer he's from Florida and is visiting family for Thanksgiving.

Border Patrol Officer: Where's your family?

Mott: My family is down in the city.

Border Patrol Officer: Where?

Mott: Down at the hotel. Down on (inaudible) drive.

Border Patrol Officer: Where?

Mott:  (inaudible) drive, Barrett drive?  Hotel?

Border Patrol Officer:  Barrett Drive used to be right there. It's closed now and there was never a hotel on Barrett Drive.

The officer soon realizes Mott has a warrant out for his arrest.

Border Patrol Officer: So, you have an arrest warrant out for you right now.  

Mott: What?

Border Patrol Officer: You have an arrest warrant out for you.

Mott: What?

Border Patrol Officer: Put your other hand up on the steering wheel…

Mott: Wait. Sir, sir, sir,

Border Patrol Officer: Put both your hands on the steering wheel right now! ... Put both your hands -- don't move your hands. I swear to God I will shoot you. You understand me?

Mott: Yes. Yes sir.

Border Patrol Officer: It's a simple question: Do you have an arrest warrant?

Mott:  I don't know, don't think so.

Border Patrol Officer: You don't think so. You don't think you have an arrest warrant?

Mott: I don't know.

Border Patrol Officer: Keep your hands right there, if you move your hands there's going to be an issue. You understand?  You have any weapons in the vehicle tonight?

Mott is taken out of the car and placed in handcuffs.

The court heard from Neil Chandler, the lead detective on the case, who walked through the evidence in detail, focusing in part on a conversation.

"At some point, he mentioned he did something very bad. She asked what it was, and he said, 'I shot a female' and her not believing it continued the conversation, and he mentioned he shot a female execution style," Chandler told the court.

Eric Mott, Logan Mott's father took the stand. He spoke about Logan Mott's mother, Carrie, saying she had mental breakdowns and once attempted suicide. Eric Mott also placed blame on his son's upbringing.

"I think any rational parent would take a significant amount of blame for the outcome of their child," Eric Mott said.

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Father takes the stand in Logan Mott's sentencing hearing

Court documents show Logan Mott is facing 15 to 40 years in prison after he confessed and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder last month. Mott gave up the right to have a judge or jury. 

Under the terms of his plea, Logan Mott can serve his sentence in a juvenile facility until he's 21. He will then be transferred to an adult facility to serve the remainder of his sentence.

According to the Medical Examiner's report, the autopsy found French died of a gunshot wound to the head. She also had a series of stab wounds on her head, shoulder, and both hands.

Court records from August show evidence surfaced against the teen suggesting he was suicidal, had a drinking problem and was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend.

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