Inspections lead to restaurant closures in Jacksonville area

Inspectors visit Stan's Sandwich & Grill, Country Cabin, Joe's Crab Shack

Murray Taco's Bodega closing their doors after being in business for nearly a year.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Inspectors' goal is to ensure your safety by making sure restaurants don't have violations that could make you sick.

In this week's Restaurant Report, News4Jax spoke with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to find out what inspectors found that led to area restaurants shutting down.

When health inspectors said they found two critical violations at Stan's Sandwich and Grill on Hendricks Avenue, it was immediately ordered to close. Inspectors said they found 22 lives roaches and 20 dead roaches on the kitchen floor. At last check, the business was still closed Monday when inspectors said more roaches were found.

In Cedar Hills, the Country Cabin restaurant on Blanding Boulevard shut down temporarily. According to state regulators' records, nearly 40 flies were spotted in the kitchen and dining room. Records show milk and pasta in the cooler were found to be a potential hazard and had to be thrown out. An inspector allowed the restaurant to reopen later that day once the problems were corrected.

VIDEO: Inspections lead to restaurants shutting down
INSPECTION REPORTS: Stan's Sandwich and Grill | Country Cabin | Joe's Crab Shack

Joe's Crab Shack on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach briefly closed because inspectors said there were live flies in the kitchen, raw seafood stored over ready-to-eat-food and rodent droppings in the restaurant. It was back to business in a few hours when it passed an inspection later that day.

In Murray Hill, Murray's Taco Bodega on Edgewood Avenue is closing for good after being in business for nearly a year. Co-owner and pitmaster Mark Ballinger shared the news on Instagram, saying, "We are saddened that after Saturday's service, we will be officially closing our doors."

The closure has nothing to do with a failed restaurant inspection. The Florida Times-Union reports that Ballinger said the closure is due to a lack of business. News4Jax attempted to contact Ballinger, but had not heard back as of Thursday.