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Katrina Brown asks for new trial after conviction on 37 charges

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Katrina Brown has filed a motion for a new trial, claiming her constitutional rights were violated by the defense lawyer for her co-defendant, Reggie Brown.

Katrina Brown's motion says attorney Thomas Bell, who represented Reggie Brown, told the jury both in opening statements and closing arguments that Katrina Brown admitted to Reggie Brown she committed the crimes for which she was under investigation by the FBI.

According to the motion, Katrina Brown said that "aggressive adversarial stance" in effect made Bell a "third prosecutor." She says the judge should have let her call Bell to the witness stand, should have declared a mistrial after the opening statements and should have granted her motion for direct acquittal after the government rested its case.

Reggie Brown and Katrina Brown are not related. Both are scheduled for sentencing on Jan. 27, 2020.

Katrina Brown was convicted on all 37 federal fraud and money laundering charges.

Reggie Brown filed his motion for a new trial last week. He was convicted on 33 counts.