FEMA reimburses JEA nearly $3 million for Irma expenses

The 2017 hurricane cost the city an estimated $83 million

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More than two years after Hurricane Irma left parts of Jacksonville underwater, FEMA is reimbursing JEA to the tune of almost $3 million for costs racked up by the publicly owned utility.

The $2,933,281 sum is meant to help offset the costs of power restoration and repairs, emergency pumping at wastewater lift stations and emergency generator replacement, among other things.

Irma, billed by forecasters as one of the most expensive hurricanes in U.S. history, cost Jacksonville more than $80 million, according to city estimates. FEMA has since chipped in millions to defray those costs. 

The reimbursement for JEA, along with $5.2 million previously awarded for emergency protective services and $1.7 million for dune restoration, is authorizes under FEMA's public assistance grants.

The grant program is intended to help cover hurricane-related expenses, such as debris removal, extra emergency services, and repair costs for damage to buildings and infrastructure.