More repair delays 5 years after Liberty Street collapse

Repairs won’t be done until April 2020

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More delays for repairs to a collapsed road that is reshaping Jacksonville’s riverfront.

It’s been almost five years since a portion of Liberty Street near the old courthouse collapsed into the St. Johns River. A City report says planned repairs won’t be done until April 2020.

On Feb. 1, 2015, the second collapse of Liberty Street occurred.

At that time it knocked out power to residents of Berkman Plaza. Since then, the City has budgeted more than $30 million to redo the site including repairs to Coastline Drive and the Riverwalk which runs in front of the Hyatt hotel.

Instead of fixing that portion of Liberty Street, it has been demolished along with the parking that was adjacent to the Old Duval County courthouse. Also since the collapse, the old courthouse and City Hall have been leveled. All of that has trigged delays and changed development plans.

Donna Capps who lives at Berkman Plaza, the condo’s next to the site, was there when the road collapsed. She has watched the slow progress of repairs and development.

“Anytime you have construction it’s an inconvenience. I’m surprised the old courthouse came down a lot faster than these repairs,” Capps said.

A City report says the repairs next to Berkman Plaza are expected to move a bit quicker now since they have replaced the bulkhead. Pilings are now being put into place to secure the site. The city report says it’s about 35% complete.

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