City Council member proposes resolution for JEA to end talks on possible sale

Brenda Priestly Jackson plans to discuss resolution with council members on Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville City Council Member Brenda Priestly Jackson says that it’s time for the JEA to end its talks of a proposed sale, offering a resolution that would go before the full City Council.

It’s the latest in over a week of JEA controversy starting with a call for the utility’s CEO to resign, to more controversy over a canceled bonus program for employees that is still drawing fire.

Priestly Jackson said all of the controversy has led to problems and mistrust from the community. She said JEA should have got support from City Council before they took steps to accept bids

“Before you expend taxpayer dollars on pursuing something you would want to know how the 19 members of City Council feel,” she said.

Priestly Jackson plans to meet with the council president and others council members Friday to discuss her resolution. She hopes to try and have it passed at the City Council meeting next Tuesday night.

On Monday, the City Council committee looking into the future of JEA plans to meet. News4Jax asked Michael Boylan, the chairman of that committee, about the latest concerns with JEA.

“I encourage my colleagues: If they want to pursue this, do so. But I think it’s important for us to stay in the lane as a relates to the fact-finding workshops,” Boylan said.

Internet polling continues to show bad news for JEA. TallyED.com said it polled 400 registered voters and that 94% of those polled are against the sale.

Mayor Lenny Curry and Aaron Zahn, JEA’s CEO, say voters have the final say before any sale could take place. News4Jax asked Boylan if the talks are really necessary since it looks like the matter would be defeated in an election.

“It is not a waste of time. I think there’s a responsibility, and a good business takes its time to look at the prospects of its future,” Boylan said.

The next JEA board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 17

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