How to check on the status of your stimulus payment

The IRS has released a tool that allows you to monitor your payments

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you haven’t already done so, now’s a good time to check your bank account.

Stimulus payments were deposited Wednesday into 80 million accounts for people who have set up direct deposit on their paychecks. Another round is expected to go out next week.

There’s some good news for those who haven’t yet received their stimulus payments: you no longer have to sit in front of your computer refreshing the website for your bank account.

That’s because the Internal Revenue Service has set up a way for people to monitor the status of their payments — much like you can track a delivery you’ve ordered online.

Here’s how to check:

Go to IRS.gov/Coronavirus, then click on the tab that says “Check your payment status.”

(Screenshot via IRS.gov)

Depending on if you filed your taxes, click “Get My Payment” or “Enter Payment Info Here.”

(Screenshot via IRS.gov)

Don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few minutes, but you’ll eventually get through.

(Screenshot via IRS.gov)

Once the next page loads, enter your Social Security number, birth date and address.

(Screenshot via IRS.gov)

Then you should be taken to the screen that shows the status of your payment.

Now, it’s worth noting that some of you have told News4Jax that your payments were sent to your tax preparer, like H&R Block. We reached out to the company, which provided this statement:

"The IRS is determining when and how stimulus payments are distributed, and H&R Block is processing payments as soon as they are received, including depositing some payments to Emerald Cards.”

News4Jax also contacted the parent company for TurboTax and QuickBooks, but we have yet to hear back. This story will be updated once we receive a response.

So whether you think your payment was sent to your tax preparer or you’re just not sure where it is, the best resource is the IRS’ “Check your payment status” tool.

Yes. The check is different from your tax return.

The checks for economic relief, in most cases, are $1,200 for every adult and an additional $500 for each qualifying child.

Yes, it’s a separate check from your tax refund. If you filed taxes and you’re expecting a check, you’ll get it separately.

One person wrote on the News4Jax Facebook page: “I don’t think I’ll be getting one. I owe the IRS money this year.” That’s incorrect. The stimulus money, again, is separate from taxes.

“There’s been some talk of, is that an advance of your tax refund. No. It’s a separate line item from that. It will be a new line item,” said Michael Ellis, a financial advisor at Madden Advisory Services.

Ellis noted that the stimulus money won’t be taxed, unless the recipient makes under $150,000.

News4Jax asked people on the News4JAX Facebook page whether they received their checks. Many said when they go to check their stimulus check status on the IRS website that they get a messaged that reads: “payment status not available.” The reasoning for that is unclear.

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