Interactive map: Track Florida’s coronavirus cases

Database monitors latest updates on COVID-19 in Florida, including county details

The Florida Department of Health provides an interactive map allowing people to view up-to-date coronavirus data. (Courtesy of Florida Department of Health)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With Florida’s coronavirus cases topping 146,000, there’s a way for Floridians to keep track of new cases.

The Department of Health has released an interactive map that displays the number of patients known to the state and a detailed breakdown of data including patients’ ages and sources of their infection.

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The data show a significant number of patients are concentrated in South Florida, with many cases surfacing in Broward (15,045), Miami-Dade (35,222) and Palm Beach (13,711) counties.

It’s unclear how many of those patients have recovered. The state does not provide that data.

To view county-specific information, just click on your county on the map below and a dialogue box containing additional details will show up on your dashboard.

Check the latest data using the interactive map below (app users click here).