University of Florida confirms 11 COVID-19 patients

10 students and 1 university employee have tested positive

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File photo

Eleven students and staff at the University of Florida have now tested positive for COVID-19.

On Sunday, the university confirmed seven new cases of the virus among six students and one employee. These cases are in addition to four that were previously reported Tuesday.

The university’s cases represent nearly one-third of the patients the Florida Department of Health has identified so far in Alachua County, where the school is located.

School administrators have taken a series of steps intended to limit the spread of the outbreak including shifting classes online and asking employees to work from home when possible.

Students have been asked to stay home for the rest of until spring and summer semesters are over, but certain campus services such as dining halls remain open.

The latest patients announced by the school include three undergraduate students, two graduate students, a law student and a College of Veterinary Medicine employee.

All of those students live off campus, the university said.

Other cases known to the university include two undergraduate students and two dental school students, all of whom have off-campus housing.

State health department data show Alachua County has 35 of the state’s 830 cases. Those patients include 20 women and 15 men whose ages range from 20 to 75.

Of those 29 cases, 11 are considered travel-related, eight are not and it’s not yet known if travel was involved in the remaining 16 cases.

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