Florida State releases draft of school’s reopening plan

The fall semester at FSU is set to begin in late August

The fall semester at FSU is set to begin in late August

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida State University expects to reopen its campus this fall, but most classes will remain online and plans being presented to the Board of Trustees are subject to change.

FSU students were first told they wouldn’t be returning to the classroom after leaving for spring break.

“Who could have imagined in January that we would have ended the semester this way?” FSU President John Thrasher said in video released by the university in May.

Now the university has released its draft plan for students to return in the fall.

Testing of students and staff will be a priority.

“We are hoping that most of our students will, in fact, be tested,” FSU Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Sally McRorie said.

The university also plans to conduct COVID-19 testing throughout the semester. If a case is found, the individual will be quarantined in Rogers Hall on campus and a team will work to trace any and all contacts.

“And make sure that they get tested and that we keep everybody as safe as possible,” McRorie said.

Some parents have complained that sporting events will be permitted to resume, while many classes will still be conducted online.

The university said classes like arts and lab courses will take priority for in-person instruction, but other courses may be offered face-to-face as well.

“Really important classes for people before they enter their majors for example, or that are really critical classes for them,” McRorie said.

Karen Morian, president of the United Faculty of Florida, said the school’s plan appears to align with faculty recommendations, highlighting the need for flexibility.

“If we get to the point where the pandemic has resurged so much in Florida that we may have to go to an entirely different plan,” Morian said.

The last two weeks of the semester following Thanksgiving break will be conducted virtually.

Up until then, any significant outbreak could trigger a return to distance learning.

The university will finalize its reopening plan Thursday so it can be reviewed by the Board of Governors next Tuesday.

Move-in is scheduled Aug. 10 and the semester is set to begin on Aug. 24.