Speed radar glitch forces Glynn County to dismiss more than 260 speeding tickets

The Glynn County Police Department is dismissing or refunding more than 200 speeding tickets because of faulty speed radars. The department has made plans to prevent this problem from happening again.

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – If you got caught speeding in Glynn County recently, you might be off the hook.

The Glynn County Police Department is dismissing or refunding 264 speeding tickets because of faulty speed radars.

Officers reported the glitch two weeks ago after noticing an error on several devices. The error affects tickets dating back to the end of March.

“It’s unfortunate that this was discovered because I think people were legitimately speeding. There’s a price to pay for that. However, I think they’re doing the right thing,” Glynn County resident Thomas Klem said.

Glynn County is still calculating how much money is going back to drivers.

It depends on the type of tickets, the amount over speed limit, whether drivers were in a school zone or construction zone, time of day, or if they were tied into another citation as well.

Klem said he hopes this doesn’t deter police from addressing speeding problems in the future.

“I see cars going over the speed limit every day, and I think it’s dangerous,” Klem said.

The county said it couldn’t confirm a specific number of devices affected by the glitch but said the devices with glitches were removed from service.

The county confirmed it has 31 up-to-date and properly functioning speed radars with police on the roads.

Communications Director of Glynn County Katie Baasen said something like this will NOT happen again.

“We are putting together processes and protocols so we can make sure something like this doesn’t happen,” Baasen said.

The State Clerk of Courts Office is working on issuing refunds and dismissing the tickets.

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