Accused serial flasher out on bond after 3rd arrest in less than 2 weeks

Investigators: Gregory Osgood is a suspect in a string of indecent exposure cases

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NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – An accused serial flasher who has been arrested three times within the last two weeks was back out on the streets Sunday evening.

According to investigators, Gregory Osgood is a suspect in four Nassau County and two Fernandina Beach cases involving a man publicly exposing himself to women and children while performing a sex act.

Osgood, 30, was most recently arrested Sunday morning, when he was taken into custody on a warrant stemming from a Feb. 8 case in which a woman reported to deputies that a man performed a sex act while exposing himself outside Hodges Meat Shoppe on Highway 17, which is near Osgood’s home.

Osgood was booked at 10:44 a.m. Sunday into the Nassau County Jail on a charge of exposure of sexual organs, and was released at 7:57 p.m. that day on $7,500 bond, according to online jail records.

Nassau County Jail records also show Osgood was arrested Nov. 6 on the same charge and released Nov. 8 on $10,000 bond. Osgood was then arrested Wednesday on an exposure of sexual organs charge and was released that day on $10,000 bond.

Despite being labeled by authorities as a suspect in multiple cases of indecent exposure, Osgood continues to receive what many would many people would consider a low bond amount to get out of jail. Attorney Randy Reep is not affiliated with the cases involving Osgood but has experience working other similar cases. He said the bonds are low because the alleged crimes didn’t happen while Osgood was out on bond for another crime or probation.

“All of these allegations predate his first arrest. Therefore, to increase his bond just as a result of that would be arduous on the part of the court,” Reep said.

Reep also said the bonds are low because the charges are only misdemeanors. But detectives said Osgood is a suspect in an incident that was reported in March 2018. Three girls told police that a man sat in his parked car across the street from Fernandina Beach Middle School and exposed himself. Reep said that could change things.

“If it’s someone under the age of 18, then it jumps to a felony," Reep said.

That means the bond would be much higher. The mothers of three girls who are upset that Osgood keeps getting out jail said that would be acceptable.

“I would hope that this would have been something that only a few, unfortunately, had to go through. So, hearing that it just wasn’t just isolated and that’s it’s been an ongoing thing and that he was out on the streets again, I’m definitely not happy and this is very unsettling," said the mother of one of the girls. “There is no doubt in my mind that it wasn’t the first, wouldn’t be the last and if he is released, it will continue.”

The incident outside the school happened just two days before Osgood was arrested after a woman told deputies a man performed a sex act while exposing himself in front of her in a Yulee Walmart parking lot. Osgood was convicted in the Walmart incident and sentenced to one year of probation.

Nassau County detectives said they are now looking into more allegations against Osgood. Sheriff Bill Leeper said those allegations were phoned in after News4Jax’s original story aired Thursday night.

“Kind of sad that it didn’t come out sooner, but very relieved that the community is coming forward with what they did see and hopefully that will help the (Nassau County) Sheriff’s Office build a very strong case against this person," said the mother of another one of the middle school girls.

News4Jax also spoke with Osgood’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two children, who asked not to be identified, about the additional allegations that have been phoned into the Sheriff’s Office.

“I had no idea he was this active, doing it right down the road from our house and wherever else with all the accusations that are coming out," she said.

She said she has been in contact with a sex crimes detective who explained the seriousness of these allegations.

Osgood’s ex-girlfriend said the detective told her, “After this, there’s a next step. He started out doing it in the car. Then he started hopping out of the car and I don’t know what he would do next.”

According to investigators, Osgood admitted that he had a problem and needs help. His ex-girlfriend said she hopes he gets help.

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