City must pay $3.7 million to former Jacksonville Landing owner, judge rules

Judgement comes after downtown land dispute

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A judge said the City of Jacksonville must pay the owners of the former Jacksonville Landing $3.7 million to resolve a lawsuit from 2015.

In 2007, Jacksonville Landing Investments, the company owned by Toney Sleiman, paid the City $4.3 million to buy the land where the Landing parking garage sits, between the Landing and the Main Street Bridge.

But the City never turned the land over to Sleiman’s company.

In 2014, the Landing’s owners told the City they wanted to end their arrangement over the land sale and wanted the money back. The City then sued the Landing’s owners in 2015 and the Landing’s owners counter-sued.

The Landing’s owners have since given the land back to the City so it was up to the judge to determine exactly how much the City owed Sleiman, from the original purchase money.

After taking into account how much money the City made from the property over the years, and how much the Landing made from using the property, the judge found the City still owes Jacksonville Landing Investments $3,717,876.