Manager: Corvette was stolen off Beaver Toyota St. Augustine lot

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Deputies in St. Johns County are looking for a white Chevy Corvette that the general manager of Beaver Toyota St. Augustine said was swiped from the lot of the dealership.

As of Friday evening, there was no word on where the sports car ended up. Deputies said both the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol were looking for the 'Vette.

The man who drove off was not identified. General Motors cars are equipped with OnStar, which allows the vehicles to be tracked. It’s likely that deputies will be able to locate the car.

Note: This story has been revised from an earlier version. A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office originally said the car was taken on a test drive by a man, and the car was not returned. Investigators later determined the car was being brought around for a test drive when the man got in and drove off.

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