Volunteer to knit mittens, pouches for koalas injured in Australia wildfires

A koala named Robert with his paws bandaged is held by a vet nurse as he receives treatment on January 08, 2020 in Adelaide, Australia. (Getty Images / Mark Brake)

SYDNEY – With nearly 500 million animals killed in the Australian wildfires, volunteers are needed to help knit mittens and joey pouches for koalas and kangaroos who have survived.

The Animal Rescue Craft Guild is a group of more than 100,000 members creating items for the wildlife injured in the devastating fires that have consumed large parts of the country.

The group crochets, knits and sews mittens for koalas whose paws have been burned, and pouches for orphaned kangaroos, reports WTVT.

For those looking to help the animals, the Animal Rescue Craft Guild shares PDF designs with its members who use them to produce the mittens and pouches.

A North Carolina group is also collecting homemade donations and sending them to the animals in need. The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue put out a list of what items are needed the most.

  • Joey pouches M-XXL
  • Carry bag pouches
  • 3D hanging pouches
  • Joey pouches XXS-M
  • bird/rodent nests 
  • bat wraps
  • flat bat wraps
  • blankets
  • possum/bird boxes
  • donations for supplies and postage 

All donations can be sent to the following address:

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

5403 Poplin Road

Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079