Planters kills off the 104-year-old Mr. Peanut and we don’t know why...

This can’t be...

The death of Mr. Peanut came out of nowhere and punched us right in the nut... we mean gut.

That’s right. The top hat and monocle-wearing, cane holding anthropomorphic pitch-man for Planter’s Peanuts is dead.

He perished in a new commercial starring Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes.

The perpetually smiling legume sacrificed himself by dropping from a tree that could not support all their weight after crashing the “nut mobile” they were all riding in.

Then the vehicle he lands on explodes... so, no, he didn’t make it.

Parent company Kraft Heinz has purchased ad time during the super bowl to hold a funeral for its century-old mascot.

If you just can’t believe mister peanut is really gone, you’re not alone.

Many people on twitter are jokingly calling shenanigans on the marketing ploy.

Mr. Peanut just visited News4Jax in November! We had no idea that would be the last time we saw him...

Comedian Ian Abramson pointed out on twitter... since mister peanut is technically a seed, he’ll just sprout more peanuts when they bury him.

We’ll have to see what route the food company decides to take with its beloved nut.

Although sad, Twitter is using this as an opportunity to go crazy with nut puns!

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