Despite request, adult arcades in Nassau County will close indefinitely

Judge denied request for emergency injunction

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File photo

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – Adult arcades, or cyber cafes, are set to close their doors on Friday in Nassau County by order of the County Commission.

Several arcade owners filed suits in federal court, claiming the shutdown violated their due process and unlawfully banned public gatherings.

A judge on Monday denied a request for an emergency injunction. The judge determined county commissioners acted within their authority to deal with the ongoing crime problems at the arcades.

County officials have been under pressure to close the arcades because of concerns that the coronavirus could be spread within the businesses.

In Yulee, there are 13 adult arcades. There are 12 in Callahan, three in Fernandina Beach and two in Hilliard. Because

The Nassau County Board of Commissioners voted them out as of the end of this month, but some believe they should have been closed sooner.