Hundreds turn out for drive-up Easter service in Nassau County

It took Callahan First Baptist Church three weeks and 100 volunteers to make the service happen

It took Callahan First Baptist Church three weeks and 100 volunteers to make the service happen

CALLAHAN, Fla. – A church in Nassau County held a unique Easter service Sunday morning at the Northeast Florida Fairgrounds.

Callahan First Baptist Church held a drive-in service as hundreds of cars filled the parking lot with worshipers who continued to practice social distancing.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this as a worship service with our community staying safe in their vehicles and everyone staying socially distanced,” said Lynn Hyatt, lead pastor.

Lynn Hyatt, lead pastor at Callahan First Baptist Church, leads a drive-up Easter service. (Facebook)

Hyatt said it took three weeks of preparation to make the drive-in service happen.

“We’re trying to take the worst situation and see what the Lord can do with that,” he said.

With about 100 volunteers and the help of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, Callahan First Baptist Church members and nonmembers came together while staying safe.

“I believe that this demonstrates Christians are a people who are not going to be stopped by anything. We are going to praise our God Lord Jesus Christ and that’s why we’re here,” said attendee Mike Bowen.

“It’s so great to be able to watch from home but getting up getting dressed getting out and seeing everyone is awesome,” said church member Emily Delano.

“We could’ve streamed on television but we decided to come out here and enjoy the aura of it all,” said Carole Allen. “We’re not going to forget this.

Pastor Hyatt said that church isn’t necessarily the building, it’s about the community and the community really did turn out Sunday.

In Jacksonville Beach, Senior Pastor David Ball of the Church of Our Savior on Beach Boulevard conducted a drive-in Easter service. At the point where the people responded "The Lord has risen indeed, Alleluia!" the congregation was asked to beep their horns twice. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)