More early morning rumbles of thunder as Thursday is a W-i-n-d-s-day

Skies clear slowly throughout the day

It's Thursday morning and it's still raining
It's Thursday morning and it's still raining

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Downpours have again returned but these will be on the moderate and scattered side, not all will see (or hear) these thundershowers roll by overnight.

As the sun comes up, skies will slowly clear allowing for a brighter finish to Thursday. More impressive maybe the winds as gusts of wind will reach 25-30 mph and along the Coast a few gusts may reach 40 mph.

Temperatures are on the cool side, starting around 60 but in combination with the winds, it will be rather cool throughout the day. By late in the day we may see the temperature just touch 70.

Friday will be the one drier day, sunshine though may still be hard to find as clouds will still dominate, especially during the afternoon and evening hours. Highs will be in the 70s on Friday.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday the rain chances increase, the amount of expected rains will be more moderate, adding only an inch to our recent totals.

Expect scattered showers maye a thundershower or two, temperatures will reach 80 plus these days.

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