Here’s the smoothie Jaguars newcomer Ben Bartch used to gain 86 pounds in 4 years

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – How do you go from being a 220 pound freshman tight end who wasn’t offered a scholarship at a Division III school to being an offensive tackle drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft?

It takes hard work, determination, and if you are Ben Bartch, the Jaguars fourth round pick, it takes adding 86 pounds in four years. And he did it by drinking smoothie every morning.

And not just any smoothie, but a monster smoothie. Here’s what goes into Bartch’s concoction:

  • 7 scrambled eggs
  • Cottage cheese
  • Grits
  • Peanut butter
  • A banana
  • And to top it off, Gatorade

And here’s what it looks like. Bartch says that it takes a special constitution to finish off one of these beauties.

“A couple of my roommates have tried it before. I don’t know if they actually completed it, you know, they just are not as nasty as me, I guess," Bartch said.

He certainly isn’t the only college kid to put on a lot of weight with an unusual diet during his four years, but Bartch said that instead of eating pizza, nachos and cake, he chose the smoothie for a reason.

“I didn’t want to get fat, you know. I wanted to have really good proteins that nourish me throughout the day and be smart about it,” Bartch said. "I eat very clean throughout the rest of the day after that. That was kind of my big calorie shake.”

The smoothie accounts for over 2,000 calories—about the same as a 26 ounce ribeye. A total of 118 grams of fat are what you would get from 36 pieces of pan fried bacon. And the carbs? You could down four small orders of fries.

One smoothie is basically a full day’s worth of food for most of us.

As for Bartch as a player, the Jaguars brass thinks he can develop into a starter at left tackle down the road.

No word on whether his smoothie will be added to the team’s nutritional plan.

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