Authorities: Jacksonville woman was accidentally shot & killed by 3-year-old boy

Police: Shooting death of woman, 26, possibly accidental
Police: Shooting death of woman, 26, possibly accidental

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has closed the investigation into the February shooting death of Angelica Monique Byers, calling it an accident.

Supplemental reports indicate that the person who pulled the trigger was a 3-year-old boy. Investigators said Byers went with her daughter to visit a friend at her home on Mecca Street. The friend has four children.

After dinner, investigators said, the five children were running around in the house, playing, and that Byers and the friend were sitting on the couch talking about a school project.

According to a report, the 3-year-old boy came into the room with what his mother first thought was a toy gun, but then it discharged, hitting Byers in the head, killing her.

Police believe the toddler found the gun in Byers’ purse, which she kept there for protection. According to investigators, the boy told officers he does have a green toy gun, so he may have thought Byers’ gun was also a toy.

No charges were filed in the investigation.