Restaurants in Jacksonville can continue selling alcohol to-go, serving outside

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – While restaurants in Jacksonville have been permitted to reopen under Phase One in Florida, indoor capacity is still limited to 25%.

Many restaurants have expanded to packing up to-go alcohol and serving outside. Alcohol to-go was allowed under the Florida governor’s executive order but that order expired.

On Tuesday night, City Council passed an emergency bill, relaxing some of the restrictions that include allowing outdoor dining with alcohol, using temporary barriers.

“The reason we have the requirement is to be able to check IDs, control where the alcohol goes. Businesses can manage where the alcohol is, even if it’s in the parking lot,” said Shannon Eller with the Office of General Counsel.

The bill passed unanimously with most council members asking to co-sponsor the bill, saying it’s an important step for these businesses in Duval County.

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