Police: Teen, adult rescued from rip current near Neptune Beach

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The National Weather Service warned of a high risk of rip currents at beaches in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia on Saturday.

According to Commander Gary Snyder with the Neptune Beach Police Department, a teenager and an adult were caught in a rip current at about 2:30 p.m. It happened near the border of Neptune and Atlantic beaches.

Snyder said a lifeguard went in the water to rescue them. He said both were taken to local hospitals. Their condition was unclear.

Lifeguards said they’d prefer swimmers to stay out of the water, but if swimmers do go in, they’re asking they only into water up to their knees.

“Even if you get into waist-deep water, the current is so strong, as well as the waves breaking that it could sweep you off your feet and you can possibly get stuck in a rip current,” said Lt. Maxwell Ervanian with Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue.

The rip current risk is in effect until late in the night. On Sunday, expect a moderate risk for rip currents at the beach.

Lifeguards say to keep yourself safe, check beach conditions before you go, and then when you arrive, look for the color of warning signs and flags.

Green conditions indicate calm currents. Yellow is slightly more dangerous conditions but people can still be in the water. Red means high surf, and or strong currents. If you see two red flags, don’t go in.

If there's ever any question as to what the conditions of the water are, have a conversation with the lifeguard about the potential threats and the direction of the currents.

If you are swimming and feel you are being pulled out to sea in a rip current, here is how to get back to shore:

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Lina Pringle contributed to this story.

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