Unemployment system continues to frustrate Floridians

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Applying to Florida’s unemployment system is relatively easy. Ivette Morad said it’s getting the money that’s difficult.

“It’s frustrating that as a U.S. citizen you’re entitled to the benefit, but because of some glitch or someone not putting in the right information, you’re not getting it,” Morad told News4Jax.

Morad filed for unemployment March 29. Even though she’s been approved for assistance in the past, she has yet to see a single check.

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She knows with more people applying, the system is going to be even more overwhelmed.

New numbers show Florida and Georgia ranked second and third in the country for the most unemployment claims filed last week.

For the week that ended May 30, 206,494 unemployment claims were filed in Florida. That was up slightly from the week before.

Georgia, meanwhile, has seen its number of claims fall over the last three weeks. Most recently, 148,095 claims were filed.

Economists believe we’re still seeing a high number of claims because businesses are struggling and continue to close.

A study from the Northeast Florida Regional Council suggests that more than 41,000 jobs will be lost in Jacksonville in the “best case scenario.”

But, according to CareerSource Northeast Florida, there are currently more than 20,000 available jobs in the region.

That’s a resource Morad said she’s already counting on.

“I’m applying to whatever it takes," she said. “I love to work, and I need to work.”

While Morad applies for jobs. she’s hopeful her unemployment checks will arrive to help her get by.

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