Some Jacksonville Beach-area bars & restaurants remain closed for cleanings


Several popular bars and restaurants in the beaches community remained closed Thursday for cleanings due to the threat of COVID-19.

Some spots have closed their doors after employees tested positive, while others have simply closed up as a precaution. Lynch’s Irish Pub was first to close down after more than a dozen customers claimed they got sick. Seven employees there tested positive, while 42 were negative. The pub reopened Wednesday after a deep cleaning.

On Thursday night, News4Jax learned North Beach Fish Camp and Palm Valley Fish Camp were closing as a precaution to clean.

Just down the road, The Shim Sham Room and Hoptinger remained closed Thursday. Not far away, Mellow Mushroom has also been closed for a deep cleaning.

Graffiti Burger Bar closed Monday then reopened Tuesday after sanitizing. The Wine Bar, The Ritz and Brix were also sanitized, according to their social media pages.

“I just think this was bound to happen,” said Ivory Duerson, a tourist from Indiana. “As soon as you open back up, it was going to uptick.”

“It’s unfortunate for the businesses because they have to make a living and pay their rent and feed their families,” said David Bess, visiting from South Florida.

Not far away in Neptune Beach, nine of its 22 officers are in quarantine. Two of those nine officers have tested positive for the virus, Commander Michael Key told News4Jax.

“Our police officers are out in the field every day interacting with the public. That’s mandated by our jobs,” Key said. “They were exposed, and two of them did come back positive.”

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