Video shows stolen car crashing into Argyle home, driver fleeing

Driver runs; homeowner shaken up.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A car crashed through the garage of an Argyle home before dawn Wednesday. A neighbor’s surveillance camera recorded the whole scene and the driver running off — twice.

A woman sleeping in the home was shaken up after the car, which turned out to be stolen, crashed into the home in the Lakeview at Watermill subdivision. Smoke was billowing from the wreckage as the driver fled one, then, as the video shows, a second time.

Mariam Boswell was asleep when the car crash into their home.

“It was a huge boom sound like a bad crash,” she said.

Home alone, she first didn’t realize it happened to her house.

“This whole wall had moved forward and the car was underneath this wall,” Mariam Boswell said walking News4Jax through the damage.

Police told her that the car was stolen near Collins Road, not far away.

No one was injured and the gaping holes have been boarded up, but the homeowners want police to find the heartless driver who caused the damage.

Her husband, Ron, who was out of town on a work trip at the time, took the first flight home. He said the video from his neighbor shows the driver running away, then less than a minute later he returned, appearing to look for something, then ran again.

“This guy got out of the car, left the car running, left it in gear and then ran like a coward,” Ron Boswell said. “It bothers me a lot that he didn’t at least ring the doorbell then run to make sure that, if the house is on fire, nobody would get hurt.”

It pushed his wife’s car further into the garage, broke the AC unit, a fountain and other items. It also busted a generator filled with fuel, which started leaking.

“It turned everything into useless pieces of hunks of metal,” he said.

Boswell said the owners of the stolen car apologized for the damage but said it’s not their fault since someone stole it.

The Boswells are working with their insurance adjuster so they can begin repairs.

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