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City County probe of troubled effort to sell JEA nearing end

DOJ asks JEA scandal investigators to stop interviewing key witnesses
DOJ asks JEA scandal investigators to stop interviewing key witnesses

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The special Jacksonville City Council committee investigating who initiated efforts to privatize the city-owned utility and if any laws or ethical standards were broken in during the process is hoping to have its final report completed by the end of September.

The committee still has to interview some key witnesses who have agreed to be interviewed, Including Tim Baker, a political consultant who worked for both Mayor Lenny Curry and JEA, and Curry’s former Chief Administrative Officer Sam  Mousa.

During its meeting Monday morning, committee members expressed concern about access to testimony by the mayor current Chief Administrative officer Brian Hughes, who asserted executive privilege in order to not answer some of the questions. The City Attorney’s Office has ruled that such privilege was allowed, but council members are looking to make some changes -- trying to not allow that to take place. 

It is something that lawyers will be investigating. 

Federal prosecutors are also investigating the efforts to sell the JEA. There is no word on when that probe may be completed.

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