St. Marys firefighter facing new video voyeurism charge

Connor Hodges, 22, is now out of the Nassau County jail after posting $5,000 bond.

YULEE, Fla. – A St. Marys firefighter who was already facing criminal allegations of video voyeurism on a female co-worker has been arrested again on similar charges involving a child.

Connor Hodges, 22, is now out of the Nassau County jail after posting $5,000 bond. Hodges was arrested Thursday on a warrant for video voyeurism.

According to a copy of the warrant obtained by News4Jax, Hodges was caught in the act of using his cell phone to secretly record a child who was taking a shower. The incident, the report stated, happened at an undisclosed home in Nassau County back on Aug. 18, just two weeks before he was arrested inside a St. Marys fire station on allegations that used a cellphone to attempt recording video of a female firefighter while she was in the shower.

The warrant states that in the Nassau County incident, the victim’s guardian got a text alert that an indoor security camera motion detector was tripped. When she checked the video feed from that specific camera in the house, the warrant states, it showed Hodges walking up to a closed bathroom door and then placing a cellphone under the door.

The warrant also states that the both parents of the victim confronted Hodges and he left the property.

According to investigators, the victim’s parents preserved the video evidence but did not report the recorded incident until two weeks later when they learned Hodges was arrested for a similar alleged incident while he was at work.

That other reported incident happened inside Fire Station 2 in St. Marys where Hodges is employed as a firefighter. According to St. Mary’s police, Hodges attempted to use a small camera to record a female coworker taking a shower while they were both on-duty, but she caught him in act and reported him to authorities.

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Officers said they were called to the station to investigate the allegations and based on information they gathered, there was enough probable cause to arrest Hodges on charges of illegal surveillance.

The following day when Hodges was released on bond from the Camden County Jail, News4Jax showed up at a home listed as his address to see if he would be willing to tell his side of the story, but his wife walked up and said there would be no interviews. That same day, the St. Marys Fire Department issued the following statement:

“There is an ongoing administrative investigation regarding a firefighter who has been placed on administrative leave. Since this is an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment further on the matter.”

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