St. Augustine commissioners, public works director to discuss flooding

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Four to six inches of rain caused flooding and blocked roads in St. Augustine on Sunday. Again.

Hours of rain left high water on several roads and some cars stalled on the road, so people were asked to avoid the roads and stay at home until the water receded in the evening.

Uber driver Andrea Hood said she had to pull her car over because it sits low and she didn’t want to risk putting herself or passengers in danger.

“There was a car or two stalled out at this corner a few minutes ago and had traffic really stalled out and I just parked on the curb," she said. "I’m going to wait it out. Took my shoes off so I can walk around and look. A lot of traffic, a lot of confusion with the traffic, people not wanting to pass through the water and other people honking and being impatient. I’ve got nothing but time so I’m just waiting it out.”

During Monday’s St. Augustine City Commission meeting, Public Works Director Reuben Franklin will provide an After Action Report regarding the flooding that occurred throughout the city as a result of the nor’easter earlier this month.

This is not unusual downtown during periods of heavy rain or high tides. Especially when both occur a the same time.

As part of the discussion with commissioners, Franklin will make recommendations for community outreach and workshops to address recurring flooding in specific areas and neighborhoods.

During the nor’easter, some streets in downtown St. Augustine had standing water during high tides.

According to the National Weather Service Jacksonville, flooding also led to the closure of King Street from Ponce de Leon Boulevard to the area of Whitney Street.

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