Some stores experiencing new wave of pandemic panic buying

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Cleaning supplies and toilet paper are, once again, flying off store shelves across the U.S. as cases of COVID-19 swell.

No matter what grocery store you walk into, store shelves that carry certain types of cleaners and paper products are not exactly full. Many shelves are either completely empty or on the verge.

The first time there was a nationwide shortage of toilet paper and certain cleaning supplies was back in the spring at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s when many cities across the U.S., including cities in Florida, issued stay at home orders.

The shortage lasted for several months after people began stockpiling those items. The demand was greater than the supply, but stores slowly began to get new shipments in.

Eventually, COVID-19 cases started to decline and stay at home orders were lifted. As this was happening, the demand for toilet paper and cleaning supplies declined.

But now that there’s another spike in cases, toilet paper is once again a hot commodity.

“It’s like it happened over night again. I don’t get it,” said Jody Brown, who was shopping in Jacksonville.

Signs in Publix warn customers about a limit on the number of certain items they can purchase. Signs also state limited availability due to supplier production.

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