Nassau Humane welcomes 13 rescue dogs from Puerto Rico

10 dogs, 3 puppies will be ready for adoption as early as Tuesday

10 dogs, 3 puppies will be ready for adoption as early as Tuesday

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – The Nassau Humane Society has welcomed more than a dozen rescue dogs from Puerto Rico.

The adorable, four-legged friends are looking for a new home.

“There are literally hundreds of thousands of dogs that this wonderful rescue group is working their way through, so please come and adopt these dogs please send donations,” said Nassau Humane Executive Director Deborah Chissell.

Chissell said the Nassau Humane and other rescue groups took in 125 dogs from Puerto Rico. The Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Palm Beach County airlifted the dogs Friday.

Nassau Humane took in 10 dogs and three puppies. They are currently being evaluated by the shelter’s veterinarian, Dr. Mandy Kulbel, and will be ready for adoption as early as Tuesday.

“These dogs were living in feces and in small kennels. They don’t get to walk,” said Chissell. “So we were happy to take in another 13.”

In October, Nassau Humane welcomed 15 dogs from Puerto Rico, and all have since been adopted. Now, Chissell is hoping for the same for these 13 dogs -- including Charlie, who was specifically chosen because of his medical issues.

“He’s got a testicular tumor back,” said Kulbel. “He’s got some overgrown nails. His eyes are not very well.”

If you can’t add a furry friend to your home right now, the shelter is looking for financial donations to help cover the cost of treatment and spay/neuter surgeries.

“Once they’re adopted, it gives us room to literally save the lives of these dogs,” said Chissell.

You can do that by calling 904-321-1647 or visiting Nassau Humane at 639 Airport Road in Fernandina Beach.

Nassau Humane is a not-for-profit, “no-kill” animal shelter.

As the dogs from Puerto Rico become available for adoption, their photos will be posted at, with updates on Facebook, as well.

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