Here’s how to stay safe from COVID-19 during a holiday road trip

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Travel is significantly down because of the pandemic, with many avoiding a flight due to the threat of the virus.

With flying off the table for millions, driving is the next best thing, but traveling on the roads comes with its own risks, not only from the pandemic but for the risk of crash or breakdowns as well.

AAA is estimating around 81 million people will be hitting the road from Dec. 23 through Jan. 3. Public health experts best advice is for you to reconsider traveling altogether, but if you must, use the following recommendations:

  • have a dining plan, so this means avoiding eating inside restaurants if you can. Takeout or drive-through is best
  • If you need to stay at a hotel during your trip, try booking one with outdoor access
  • try your best to minimize the number of times you stop. We know that’s not always easy especially with kids and bathroom breaks. Wear masks and sanitize your hands
  • if you’re traveling with people you don’t live with, it’s advised you keep the car windows cracked. This can boost airflow and dilute the virus

Aside from the pandemic, make sure your car is prepared before a long drive. That includes checking the tires, oil, breaks, and antifreeze.

Avoiding a breakdown, also means you can avoid additional contact with towing company personnel, emergency responders, or good Samaritans who may stop to help. Less contact with people outside your household further protects you from the virus.

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