Event aims to restore peace in community, honor lives lost to gun violence

Families of Maurice Hobbs, DJ Broadus helped organize and attended gathering

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An event took place Saturday that aimed to help restore peace in the community while honoring lives lost to gun violence.

Families of Maurice Hobbs and DJ Broadus helped organize and attended the gathering.

A man and woman dancing at the event Saturday night said they have a lot to celebrate. It’s the weekend of both of their son’s birthdays, even though they were victims of gun violence.

Maurice Hobbs was killed in 2017, and DJ Broadus in 2018.

Every year since, the Fists Up, Guns Down gathering aims to bring awareness to the community.

“If there’s any way that I can bring any type of hope or healing, or a sense of peace to other hurting families, that’s what I would like to do in light of my son,” Latasha Hobbs said.

Latasha Hobbs invited other families who have also lost loved ones to honor their lives. She said it’s important to come together to realize everyone in the community has a responsibility to bring peace to their neighborhoods.

Dominic Broadus is starting the weekend with a celebration, ahead of sentencing for his son’s case Monday.

“You got to celebrate both the highs and lows,” Dominic Broadus said. “I’ve got to celebrate my son’s life as well as his death, and celebrate Maurice’s, too, because still, I couldn’t have made it without all these people and support.”

News4Jax is told DJ Broadus was at Gardner Fraser’s house, the two were in a relationship, they had an argument and he was shot and killed.

Fraser pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence, which is what the sentencing is for, though Dominic Broadus said it’s not enough.

“There should be a murder charge, not a tampering with evidence charge,” Dominic Broadus said.

It’s something he said he’ll keep pushing for even after the sentencing.

Dominic Broadus is asking supporters to come to sentencing in Baker County that starts at 9 a.m. Monday. There will also be a press conference after the sentencing with the family.

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