How will the Biden administration handle immigration?

The Biden Administration's first 100 days include some big decisions on immigration. News4Jax Reporter Marilyn Parker shows us how immigration attorneys and their clients are responding to the plans.

The Biden Administrations first 100 days include some big decisions on immigration.

President Biden’s plans for immigration have already received some push back. We’re protecting the identity of the woman News4Jax reporter Marilyn Parker spoke with, but she says she has some hope for the new administration, but wants everyone to take cases like hers, and others seriously.

“Can you describe in your own words what the last four years was like for you,” asked Parker.

“A nightmare. They rip families apart like they have been trying to rip my family apart for the last four years,” said the woman.

We aren’t saying her name, but she said she has been in Jacksonville legally for the last 19 years, has her own business and has four American children.

She’s applied for political asylum, and despite the changes in policies from the last administrations, she’s been lucky, but still in fear.

“So, I’m able to do everything that a normal citizen can do, because I have my documents, but I still every two, three months, when I go to immigration, I’m saying that I’m going to be deported,” said the woman.

We spoke with her immigration attorney, Andrea Reyes, who said she’s been talking with her about the new plans under President Joe Biden’s administration.

The immigration bill will give legal status and a path to citizenship to about 11 million people in the U.S., reduce time for families waiting for green cards, bring technology to borders and other policies.

Reyes says it’s about putting the plans in action.

“But I think there’s also a lot of hesitation because we love that these, this is part of the conversation, but we need to see action, right, we need to actually see things being done, and promises actually being kept,” said Reyes.

Reyes said she wants people and governments to consider the economic boost immigration reform provides, like what her the client has done.

“My situation, while President Biden was the vice president, wasn’t as bad as it is at this moment,” said the woman. “So I do have a lot of hope. Also, because our vice president is the daughter of immigrants. So that gives me like a, I don’t know, a better feeling.”

She said she will keep working with her lawyer and praying she can stay.

The state of Texas is suing the Biden administration for pauses on deportation.

Some members of Congress have even said they feel the president’s plans are a bit of a stretch.

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