New details in case against woman accused of running brothel in Deerwood home

Court documents lay out details of undercover detective’s encounter

Court documents lay out details of undercover detective’s encounter.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Court documents obtained Wednesday by News4Jax reveal more sordid details in a case against a 50-year-old Jacksonville woman accused of running a brothel from a luxurious Deerwood Country Club home.

Anna Domino, who refers to herself as Madame D, is out of jail after her arrest on charges of maintaining a home for prostitution, soliciting for prostitution and running an adult business without a license.

Domino told News4Jax on Tuesday that none of the women at the house were forced to have sex with anyone and that they did not receive money in exchange for sex.

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According to court documents, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective working undercover went to the home and said Domino agreed to have sex and perform a sex act for $450. The detective reported that Domino got completely undressed during the encounter.

Another woman, who was arrested on a prostitution charge was present during the encounter, according to court documents. She told police she is in a romantic relationship with Domino.

News4Jax is not naming her because investigators in January said it’s unclear whether she was a victim of human trafficking.

News4Jax attempted to reach Domino several times on Wednesday in regard to the court documents. She responded with a text saying she wasn’t sure what documents we were speaking of.

Domino’s group was listed online as “The Prostate Queens.” There were numerous accounts with explicit videos, some that appear to include the high-end home on Hunters Grove Road, which she refers to online as the “fungeon.”

Records show Domino was evicted from the home after her arrest.

In January, News4Jax spoke with a man who said he worked with Domino on what was supposed to be an adult entertainment site.

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“I have a team of people that help to build a website, helping to build prostate cancer awareness and that’s what we’re about,” Domino said Tuesday when asked about her online presence.

Domino told police the other woman who was arrested is helping her build the “educational website” on prostate and sexual health.

“I’m a dominatrix. I’m Madame D. I’m a madame because my interest is in caring and raising women to become leaders. I want to give them the guidance and all the avenues that they need to be able to support themselves,” Domino said Tuesday.

Domino said she doesn’t know where she will move next, but she is hoping as the case unfolds that she will clear her name of the allegations against her.