New Alkaline Water store opens in Murray Hill

A new water store is opening in Murray Hill this week and the owner says she's looking to help create a healthier Jacksonville with an innovative twist. News4Jax Reporter Marilyn Parker joins us live from Murray Hill.

An Alkaline Water store and water bar is opening in Murray Hill. The owner said she wants to help create a healthier Jacksonville.

There’s lots of growth happening in Murray Hill.

The owner of AlkaVita Alkaline Water said her new store has an innovative twist that’s going to keep the neighborhood growing.

“What’s most significant [about Murray Hill] is that a lot of the business owners in this community, they actually live here as well. So, they bartered, they help us out, or they’ve invited us in the community,” said Sativa Jones, who owns AlkaVita Alkaline Water.

Jones is from Murray Hill and said she’s happy to be establishing a business in her home, with the help of other businesses.

She started AlkaVita Alkaline Water in 2016 and a year later began bottling natural alkaline spring water. Now, she wants to inform her community on its benefits.

“Education is needed, simply because the type of water that we drink right now is like reverse osmosis, or it is tap water and it’s full of contaminants. A lot of them have cancer-causing particles and things of that nature in it,” said Jones. “This will be where we will bring the customers out.”

She plans to house not only tons of cases of water, but making it a complete hydration station.

“We plan on selling filtration systems for the sinks for the shower heads. And also, we’ll have reverse osmosis and water softeners for people who want to cleanse the water in their entire home,” said Jones.

It was just two months ago when Jones got the idea to start the Water Bar by AlkVita.

“You can get them bubbly, you can add CBD, or you can keep a flat. And each one has a different health benefit,” said Jones.

Taking up space in her neighborhood, Jones said this is just the beginning.

Jones said she wants to keep her business as local as possible, so she’s been working with other Jacksonville organizations to do just that.

The grand opening for AlkaVita is this Saturday.