Detective shoots armed robbery suspect in San Jose, following series of armed robberies in area, JSO says

A JSO detective shot a man who they suspected in an armed robbery early this morning on Sunday.

This follows a series of armed robberies in San Jose.

News4Jax Crime and Safety Expert Ken Jefferson said when there is one robbery, typically, there will be more.

There are a few apartment complexes down Old Kings Road South in San Jose. According to JSO, this area’s been hit with a series of armed robberies.

Most recently, Sunday morning, when a JSO detective shot an armed robbery suspect, later identified as 37-year-old Daniel Neal.

Police tell us they were doing surveillance of a nearby apartment when a robbery call came over the radio.

Jefferson said robberies often happen in chains and police must be ready.

“They have to be proactive in trying to catch robberies, robbery suspects, because you never know when they’re going to hit, so you just lie and wait for them,” said Jefferson

Police said the suspect was running across the street from another complex when he passed a JSO vehicle.

The officers started chasing the suspect and we’re told the detective yelled “police” and “stop” repeatedly.

Police said Neal had a firearm and before he could enter another apartment the detective shot him twice.

He was taken then the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Investigators said the weapon Neal had was stolen from a car in 2020.

The JSO crime map shows 11 robberies reported in the last three months within a one-mile radius.

Jefferson said people living in apartments need to be proactive and aware of their surroundings because these complexes can be a place of opportunity for criminals.

“People typically are paying close attention to their surroundings when they’re going into an apartment, whether the upstairs or downstairs and that’s when they take advantage of that vulnerability,” said Jefferson.

He recommends those living in apartments use the crime map to check for trends in the area and talk with your neighbors and apartment managers.

Businesses in the area said they haven’t heard of a series of armed robberies, except for what happened on Sunday.

The detective wasn’t injured in the shooting and is on administrative leave – which is standard procedure.

We’re told he was wearing a body camera, and this was his first officer-involved shooting.

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