Councilwoman wants to see if Clyde Drive improvements can be tied to nearby road project

Homeowner pleads for help after car crashes into house again

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville City Council member plans to ask the city’s Department of Public Works to look into concerns about speeding in the Harborview neighborhood.

This comes after a car crashed into a house on Clyde Drive in the Harborview neighborhood. The homeowner said it was the second time his house has been hit. He said he and neighbors have made calls to the city in the past about the problem and have not gotten a response.

On Monday, he pointed out his concerns as he and News4Jax walked down Clyde Drive near Brazil Road. Clyde Drive is a curved road recently repaved by the city.

“It actually made it worse because now the road is smoother,” the man said. “The road is like a real race track.”

He believes the city should install guardrails and warning signs about the curve -- which was done along another section of the road that had a similar problem.

News4Jax took his concerns to City Councilwoman Brenda Priestly Jackson. She has been meeting recently with people about a major road project nearby on Soutel Drive. For years, residents there have raised concerns about the safety of that road, and a major multimillion-dollar road project is planned to address the safety and speeding concerns there.

“We will have Public Works review what is going on over there (Clyde Drive) and see if there are any additional recommendations and if it can be aligned or included in some way with the proposal for the Soutel Drive area,” Priestly Jackson said.

Priestly Jackson said that project runs through many areas in Northwest Jacksonville and the idea is to try and make traffic safer in all those neighborhoods.

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