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Clay County yard debris pickup delay due to employee shortage, Waste Management says

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Some people living in Clay County have had bags of yard debris sitting at the end of their driveways for weeks because no one has come by to pick it up.

Brian Jones, who lives on Arora Boulevard in Orange Park, is one of them. He said bags he filled with branches, leaves and other yard debris have been by his curb since March 27th, expecting it would be picked up the following Tuesday.

“When they missed the first week, it’s no problem. The second week I called [Waste Management],” Jones said.

Nearly three weeks later, the yard waste sits by his curb. Frustrating, Jones said, because he pays for debris removal in property taxes.

Notably, the Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility has waived its fees to Clay County residents for two weeks due to delays. But Jones has no way to transport the bags.

“I don’t have a truck. I have a car,” Jones said.

Judy Stevenson lives a few doors down and is in the same situation. Jones and Stevenson aren’t the only two, however. A drive down Arora Boulevard reveals many bags of waste that haven’t been collected.

News4Jax contacted Waste Management, the company that does yard debris collection in Clay County. Dawn McCormick, spokesperson for Waste Management, Inc., said the delay is due to a shortage of employees.

“You’re seeing it in restaurants. It was a perfect storm with a lot of entry-level workers getting stimulus checks, tax refund checks and enhanced federal unemployment benefits,” McCormick said.

Mccormick said Waste Management is hiring new workers and plans to be caught up with yard waste removal by Monday.

If the items don’t get collected, neighbors are encouraged to call Clay County Environmental Services 904-284-6374.

About the Author:

Brie Isom joined the News4JAX team in January 2021 after spending three years covering news in South Bend, Indiana.