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State releases evidence amid investigation of deadly shooting at Jacksonville Amazon center

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Note: This article contains photos that some may find graphic.

The State Attorney’s Office on Monday released evidence it has collected while investigating a deadly shooting at the Jacksonville Amazon center.

Ebony Nicholas, 22, was shot and killed last September at the Amazon center on Pecan Park Road, where she and her boyfriend, Daisean Biffle, worked.

Biffle, 22, was arrested and charged with her death and has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. According to his arrest warrant, Biffle went to Amazon and asked workers where Nicholas was. Investigators determined Biffle shot Nicholas, then shot himself and survived.

Many of the photos contain blood and are too graphic to post. Interior photos show yellow placards where the shooting took place.

Photo taken at scene of the shooting.

The evidence includes a photo of a handgun, magazine and bullet casings used in the shooting.

Handgun, magazine and bullet casings.

Also included is a photo of Biffle and pictures of him in a hospital bed.

Daisean Biffle in hospital bed.

LINK: Photos released from State Attorney’s Office

There is a 10-minute audio file of a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective talking to Biffle at the hospital. He can be heard clearly, first asking Biffle if he knew Nicholas was dead.

Biffle’s responses are muffled. Later, the detective tells Biffle he’s under arrest.

  • Detective: “The reason that we’re talking to you today is because something happened. For us to understand what happened we need to talk to you.”
  • Biffle: “I don’t remember.”
  • Detective: “You don’t remember anything?”
  • Biffle: “(Inaudible) shot in the head.”
  • Detective: “You said that you got shot in the head?”
  • Biffle: (Mumbles)
  • Detective: “Are you aware that she’s dead?”
  • Biffle: “Huh?”
  • Detective: “(Redacted) is dead.”

About seven calls were made to 911, one of which is from a woman who tells an operator that she witnessed what happened.

“Somebody is inside the building shooting!” one caller yells.

“I need someone to get to Amazon someone just got shot!” another caller says.

There is also a 52-second surveillance clip from Amazon, most of which is out of focus. It appears to show two people walking downstairs, then stopping to talk. Something happens, and one person is seen running to the right while the other is seen falling into some plastic bins.

Biffle is in jail awaiting trial. Court documents show it’s set for July.

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