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Surprise inspectors to visit Florida hotels to rate cleanliness

With coronavirus restrictions being lifted, summer travel is expected to increase. AAA is getting ready to start testing surfaces we touch in hotel rooms to see if they are free of germs and bacteria.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As millions of Americans start traveling again amid the COVID-19 pandemic, AAA is planning to test the cleanliness of surfaces during hotel inspections.

Mark Jenkins, an AAA Spokesperson, said many people are looking for places to stay that are clean and sanitized.

“I think the pandemic has changed a lot of our habits,” said Jenkins. “I think a lot of people are more in tune with washing their hands and taking care of themselves but I think they have heightened expectations as well about where they are staying.”

AAA routinely conducts anonymous in-person inspections at thousands of hotels every year.

“That inspection measures everything from comfort, service, design, and cleanliness,” explained Jenkins. “We’re now taking our cleanliness standards to the next level.”

Starting later this month, Jenkins said inspectors will swab frequently touched surfaces in hotel rooms, like faucets or light switches, to see how clean they are. The test will deliver immediate results.

“Hotels that pass are identified as inspected clean,” explained Jenkins. “Now, the catch is properties cannot be awarded their diamond approval rating unless they pass this inspection.”

Jenkins said this will help people feel more comfortable as they start traveling again.

“I think it just creates peace of mind for travelers right now because again so many people have been cooped up in their homes for the past year and they want to get out,” said Jenkins. “We’re seeing in large numbers, that pent-up demand is being unleashed, people are ready to travel, they’re anxious to get out there but they want to do so safely.”

Before planning a trip, travelers can find Inspected Clean hotels through AAA.

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