Simple reminders for children around water

A child swimming in a pool (WDIV)

Northeast, Fla. – Sunday is the official start of summer as as people plan trips to the pool or beach, experts are urging families to prioritize pool safety.

Water is a fun and cool place for children to enjoy the hot summer months but if they aren’t comfortable in the water, experts say it can be dangerous.

Regional Aquatics Director for Baker and Clay County YMCA’s, Delraye Norris said, “that makes them very afraid and fearful of the water instead of just respecting it.”

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, drowning is the number one cause of accidental deaths among children ages one to four.

“Some of the biggest things are just getting your child comfortable or any swimmer because you should feel comfortable in the water,” Norris said.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to teach kids how to be safe around water, start swim lessons at a young age, watch kids closely near the water and assign them to a swim buddy and teach them to always ask permission before getting in the water.

Norris said, “We reinforce that as soon as they are able to start walking, making sure they are asking for that permission and they get confirmation, that yes, I’m watching you it’s okay for you to get in the water now.”

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