Popular Jacksonville breakfast spot shut down after droppings found at the bagel oven

The Bagels-R-Us on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville and the Woody's Bar-B-Q in Palatka were shut down last Tuesday for violations.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – 201 rodent droppings-- that is what inspectors found at two local restaurants in this week’s Restaurant Report. Each restaurant too, failed subsequent inspections before they could reopen.

Bagels R Us in Jacksonville

The Bagels R Us on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville was shut down last Tuesday until Thursday, August 12.

Between its two inspections, the deli and café racked up 20 violations.

Among those were violations for 99 rodent droppings most of which were found at the bagel oven. There were also 10 flies.

Other violations involved improperly storing, handling, and cooking hot food items.

We spoke to one customer who said he was not fazed by the news.

“My experience here has been that it’s really, really clean. The bagels are great. The people are great, so it’s a great place. I’ll keep coming back,” customer Josh Lampa said.

Bagels R Us was allowed to reopen after its third inspection but will need another follow-up inspection because of the restaurant’s expired state licensing.

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Woody’s Bar-B-Q in Palatka

In Palatka, The Woody’s Bar-B-Q was shut down for a day after inspectors found 104 rodent droppings there during a routine inspection last Tuesday.

The restaurants received 11 violations in total, including for holding food past its use-by date and improperly storing chemicals. However, it reopened with a perfect score on its third inspection.

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I’ve reached out to the restaurants managements for comment, but have not heard back.