Founder of bogus charity who took plea deal in Corrine Brown case faces new federal charges

Prosecutors argued Carla Wiley’s One Door Education charity became slush fund for Brown

Prosecutors argued Carla Wiley’s One Door Education charity became slush fund for Brown

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Carla Wiley, who started the bogus One Door Education charity that prosecutors argued became a slush fund for former Congresswoman Corrine Brown, is now facing new charges.

On Thursday, federal prosecutors cited eight allegations that are all the same: Obtaining new credit or loan without approval. Prosecutors say it happened over a period from Jan. 6, 2020 to June 29, 2021.

If Wiley is found guilty of these violations, it could carry a maximum penalty of two years in prison. During the hearing, prosecutors said it was a Grade C Violation and that sentencing guidelines say it would likely garner three to nine months in prison.

“If an individual owes a tremendous amount of money, it’s very typical for the government as part of any condition of probation to say any lines of credit that you open, you need to tell your probation officer,” explained Jacksonville attorney Gene Nichols, not affiliated with the case.

Wiley did not have an attorney in court Thursday but said she plans to hire one in the coming days.

The issue of obtaining new credit is sensitive in Wiley’s case because, according to Wiley’s sentence, she must pay $452,515.87 in restitution in the One Door case. She must pay that collectively with Ronnie Simmons, who was her ex-boyfriend and Brown’s chief of staff.

Wiley is currently on supervised release and has been living at an address in Virginia.

Brown’s conviction on fraud and tax charges was overturned in May. A hearing is planned on Oct. 4 to discuss whether she might have another trial.

Prior to Thursday’s proceedings, Wiley was overheard in court discussing Brown’s case with prosecutors. They told her she would have access to a full transcript of what happens in court.

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