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Positively Jax: Duval County Marine veteran wins Emmy award

Zane Jones is a comedian, U.S. Marines Corps veteran and now an Emmy Award winning executive producer says his time in the River City is partially to thank.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Positively Jax, a Duval County Veteran is now also a historic Emmy winner.

“I know I’m going to be famous; I don’t know for what. But I know I’m going to be famous,” Zane Jones, Actor, Comedian, and Executive Producer.

Zane Jones is a comedian, US Marines Corps Veteran, and now an Emmy Award-winning executive producer.

“I literally just graduated school 2 months before winning an Emmy. So that’s like an insane thing that’s never been seen before that’s never been heard of,” said Jones. “I was just like this is great. But how do I feel now? How do I navigate forward? How do I continue to progress? How do I leverage this?

Jones and his team of 6 African American producers and filmmakers won the 2021 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Day Fiction program.

Their story ‘The Girl in Apartment 15′, highlights domestic violence.

“This was the first year this category was ever a thing, and we were the first people to win this category. So yes, that’s another accomplishment on top of even just having the Emmy itself,” said Jones.

Before attending The New York Film Academy and Los Angeles Film School, he was a Marine for 5 years

He grew up in Duval County and went to Englewood and Sandalwood High Schools.

Jones credits The River City’s diversity as one of the tools helping him succeed.

But he says being a Marine showed him his purpose.

“Helping people go through their trials and tribulations because I had people in Bootcamp tell me ‘I would have never made it through Bootcamp if it wasn’t for you.’ So even in the beginning of the process, I realized the power of humor,” said Jones.

“What lessons did you learn while being a Marine that is still vital or useful to what you do now?” said Lena Pringle.

“Persevering and not taking things personally. Because you know the Marines is a hard tough environment so it’s like people can talk to you crazy, talk to you how they want to talk to you, and you just have to take it. So, people aren’t mean and rude out here but in terms of people being honest you got to be able to take no’s and keep it going,” said Jones. “Always believe in yourself. Never doubt yourself and just go through with it.”

As for what’s next for Jones, he’s currently executive producing a film, acting in another movie, and is the host of a late-night talk show.

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