Well-known beachfront restaurants temporarily shut down for bugs, droppings

One of the most visible restaurants in Jacksonville Beach is on this week's Restaurant Report.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Restaurant Report this week focuses on restaurants along the beaches in the area. One restaurant has a history of being shut down before for repeat violations. All of them were allowed to reopen the same or the following day.

Joe’s Crab Shack in Jacksonville

At Joe’s Crab Shack on Beach Boulevard, inspectors said they found 48 small flying insects throughout the restaurant.

The most visible restaurant on Jacksonville Beach received over 15 violations including 45 rodent droppings. Eight of those droppings were found on top of opened cases of silverware and plastic lids in the storage room.

Other violations involved cold food held at above-normal temperatures and toxic chemicals improperly stored.

The restaurant corrected the issue and reopened the next day.

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Lulu’s Waterfront Café

In Ponte Vedra Beach an inspector closed Lulu’s Waterfront Café for one but considered as a high priority violation.

The café was shut down for hundreds of rodent droppings.

The report said they found 160 rodent droppings inside the restaurant; 50 in a small prep area adjacent to the main kitchen line, 65 in the main prep area in the back of the kitchen line, 30 in the small storage area where the ice machine is located, and 15 in server area near the dining room.

Lulu’s Waterfront Café was also to reopen the same day.

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Bed and Breakfast by the Sea

Bed and Breakfast by the Sea in Flagler County was shut down again for repeat violations.

Inspectors found 12 rodent droppings and a repeat violation for paint peeling on the cookline wall.

According to the report, the person in charge started cleaning up during the inspection.

They also reopened the same day.

RESTAURANT REPORT: Failing Inspection | Passing Inspection

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