The Festival of Lights: Hanukkah begins, runs through Dec. 6

It is time for one of the most highly anticipated and joyous Jewish festivals of the year. We are talking about Hanukkah, which starts at sundown on Sunday night. The eight-day celebration also called “The Festival of Lights” runs through Dec. 6.

Those of Jewish faith light a menorah each night and are encouraged to display it in the front window. Overall, the festival is to commemorate the reclamation of the temple in Jerusalem.

The festival typically falls closer to Christmas or at least during the last month of the year. Unlike most holidays, the actual days of Hanukkah change nearly every year. That’s because the observance of Jewish holidays follows a lunisolar calendar. It keeps track of the Earth’s orbit around the sun and factors in phases of the moon to determine the beginning and end of each new month.

This will be the first Hanukkah officially celebrated in the Vice President’s residence. The second gentleman says the festival is a long-time family favorite holiday.

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