Berkman II is finally gone

After more than 14 years, Jacksonville's most famous eyesore came down Sunday morning. Thousands of people were in attendance to see the Berkman Plaza II implosion. News4Jax Reporter Corley Peel shows us the plans for where the eyesore once stood and when the site will be cleared.

There was initially excitement about the Berkman II being constructed until a part of the parking garage to the building collapsed while it was being built. The incident killed Willie Edwards III and injuring 23 other people.

For years, Edwards’s family waited patiently for the unfixed structure to be torn down. Councilman Reginald Gaffney talked to News4Jax just moments before the partially built building came down. He also had a message for the Edwards family.

“I get an opportunity every once in a while, to talk to his family and they have been asking me, Councilman Gaffney, when are we going to bring this structure down. But I want to say to the family today we can bring some closure to his life,” said Gaffney.

“To the family, thank y’all so much for being patient. I wish I could’ve moved it faster but I know you lost loved, but at the end of the day those memories when you come downtown will not be here again,” said Gaffney.

Before this morning, the Berkman II had been standing unfinished for over 14 years.