VIDEO: Mama duck has babies at labor & delivery center at Jacksonville Beach hospital

Special delivery!

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A mama duck found herself at the right place at the right time when she “delivered” her babies at the labor and delivery center of Baptist Medical Center’s Jacksonville Beach location this week.

The mama duck and her 10 ducklings had to walk through the building to roam free after they were trapped in a fenced-in area in the back.

The hospital said the duck flew into the courtyard and kept her eggs safe there, but the only way out was through the building!

“We’re still ‘quacking’ up over this sweet story,” Baptist Medical Center Beaches said.

Beached OBGYN said they would update everyone if they saw the mama and babies again.

The staff in the labor and delivery unit at Baptist Beaches proving they will go above and beyond to make sure every mama and her babies are safe at the hospital.

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